Tuesday , 21 August 2018

The Dos and Don’ts of the Perfect Bachelorette Party

What happens on your bachelorette weekend stays on your bachelorette weekend, isn’t that how the saying goes?

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Unless, of course, you break the law or all moral codes, in which case we’ve got a few pointers to ensure what happens on your bachelorette party keeps you out of jail and doesn’t embarrass your entire family too much.

Now these are very important, baches, so listen up.

  1. DO: Respect Law Enforcement

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    Right, Robbie? Seriously: you must respect.

  2. DON’T: Invite the Guys

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    Unless they’re going to carry you around like this all weekend.

  3. DO: Obey Traffic Laws

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    Broach, we’re talking to you, girl.

  4. DON’T: Wear White

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    Save it for the big day, where beer, champagne, and wine will be served in a much more controlled environment.

  5. DO: Have a good time

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    But try to make it to the bathroom, for everyone’s sake…a wall is fine, too. We don’t judge.

    And don’t forget, y’all…it’s a jungle out there. Be careful.

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An all-new Bachelorette Weekend airs tonight (April 9) at 11 PM Eastern on CMT.

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