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Carrie Underwood: There Will Be Rhinestones

When Carrie Underwood was co-hosting last year’s CMA Awards, she changed her outfit 11 times. In 2016, she did it 12 times. In 2015, she did it 10 times. The moral of that story is, it looks like Underwood likes to change looks.

And even though she is pregnant right now, we had to know if she was already starting to plan what she’d wear during her 2019 Cry Pretty tour.

“I’m going to wait until I don’t look like this,” Underwood told “It would kind of be pointless. I feel like I would try things on and it wouldn’t matter later. So we’ll see.” Once the baby is born, that’s when she’ll likely start thinking about everything wardrobe.

“There are so many variables, like what is comfortable to wear onstage, what can be changed into and out of quickly and then how many rhinestones will fit on it because that’s a big process,” she shared.

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“There are hours spent — not by me, thankfully — but there’s a lot of love and time spent on gluing teeny-tiny rhinestones onto outfits.”

During Underwood’s Storyteller tour, costume designer Marina Toybina talked to Glamour about some of the decisions that went into putting together a collection of tour-ready outfits.

“When you’re on a tour, each act and song represents something, and you want to match your visual to the vocals and the atmosphere,” Toybina had said. And if this new tour is anything like the last tour, which featured three or four options for each of the five parts of the show, there could be 20 different Cry Pretty looks.

Underwood’s 55-stop tour is scheduled to start on May 1, 2019, in North Carolina, and tickets are on sale now.

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